Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't I Sign In?
When you Sign in you must provide the User Name and Password that you chose when you registered. These must be entered with the same case (or capitalization) that you chose when you registered. For example, if your User Name is BanjoMan, then entering banjoman will not work, because the B and the M must be in capitals. For more help with this topic, see the Help page available here.

If you can't remember your password please click here

How can I find out my password?
If you have forgotten your password then please contact the Bluegrass College, either by sending a mail to or by using the Contact Us option in the left hand navigator.

What exactly is a Lesson?
A Lesson is all the files (audio, video, tab etc) for one instrument for one song or tune. For a full explanation, see the Help page available here

Can I loop sections of a Lesson?
Looping sections of a Lesson is a great way to learn. There is a detailed explanation of how to do this in the Help pages, available here.

How can I play the videos?
If you do not have any software to play the videos, we recommend a player called 'VLC', which is free, and available for both Mac and PC computers. For details on how to download and use this player, see our Help page, available here.

Can I change the speed of the mixes?
We have recorded the mixes at three speeds so that you shouldn't need to do this; however, we appreciate that you may want to choose different speeds from the ones we're providing. For a full explanation of how to do this, see the Help page available here.

How can I preview a Lesson before downloading it?
If you go to the Lesson Page for your instrument, you will find a button to the left of each title. Click on this and you will get a short extract of that tune for your instrument.

Where do I find the Vocal mixes?
Vocal mixes can be found at the bottom of each Lesson page when the Lesson is a song.

How can I find out more about using Tab?
We don't currently have any pages on the site explaining how tabulature (tab) should be interpreted. If you are new to using tab, you may find the following site useful:

Why do we use the keys we use?
Keys are chosen for the College along the following lines:

Songs are always in the key which best suits the singer - which is how it will always be in a session.

Tunes are simply 'in' a key. Because many tunes come from traditional roots, they tend to be in keys which are relatively simple on the instrument for which they were written. These keys on stringed instruments tend to be G, A, D and C major, and D, A and E minor. Of course there are many notable exceptions to this, and many great tunes have been written in other keys, but we will always present a tune in the key in which it is 'normally' played. (Dixie Hoedown was written in A but is 'normally' played in G, so I guess we could argue about that, but 99 times out of 100, tunes are in a standard key.)

Although capos can make this seem unimportant to a certain extent, don't forget that 50% of a six-piece bluegrass line-up doesn't use them; I can't think of many fiddle players who would be happy to play St Anne's Reel in Eb, or mandolin players who would want to play New Camptown Races in A.

Why can't I make a PayPal payment ?
PayPal requires cookies to be enabled in your browser. If you have cookies disabled you can override this by adding the PayPal URL as an allowed cookie. For more information, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Override cookie handling for individual Web sites in your browser.

How Do I Upgrade My Membership?
There is an Upgrade Membership page, which you can access via the left-hand navigator. If you want to upgrade your membership now, click here.

What does my membership entitle me to?
When you join Bluegrass College, you have immediate access to:

1. The free Lesson.

2. The free Bluegrass College Fakebook, which contains tab for all the bluegrass instruments for many popular session tunes.

3. The Forum.

Always sign in first by entering your User Name and Password in the boxes at the bottom of the left hand column.

If you wish to download our main Lessons, you need to upgrade your membership to Pay Monthly or Pay Annually. To find out more about this, click here.

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