Membership of Bluegrass College

Membership of Bluegrass College is free; all you need to do is register. You create a user name and password, which allows you access to all of the free content on the site, and the forum. You can also buy the main Lessons for $9.95 each.

There are also two levels of premium membership pay monthly and pay annually allowing access to the main Lessons at a discount.

To join Bluegrass College, click here.

Pay monthly will entitle you to one Lesson for each payment, but at the discounted price of $8.95 a saving of 10%. If your payments lapse, or you build up a backlog of unused credits and would like to stop paying for a few months, you will still remain a member. You can use up your credits in your own time, and restart your payments when the credits run out. If you want to purchase extra Lessons while you are paying by monthly subscription, you will get them at the discounted rate of $8.95

Pay annually will entitle you to ten Lessons for each annual payment of $69.95 a cost for each Lesson of $6.99 a saving of 30%! If at the end of a year you do not renew your subscription, you will remain a member. You can use up any remaining credits to download Lessons at any time. If you want to download more than ten Lessons while your subscription is active, you will get them at the discounted rate of $6.99.

At any time you can stop your subscription. If you have run out of credits and do not wish to renew, you can still purchase Lessons at the full price. You can also renew your subscription at any time.

You always need to sign in to download any content.

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