Quick Guide to Bluegrass College
You can access the various facilities of the Bluegrass College by using the options in the left hand vertical bar, referred to as the 'Navigator'. Options within the Navigator are accessed by either hovering over the word to display a list of further options, such as instruments, or by clicking on the word itself.

You can also click on the boxes in the centre of each page to get you to the next place.

To reach some parts of the site, or to download any of the free content, you will always need to sign in first by entering your User Name and Password in the boxes at the bottom of the left hand column.

This gives you access to the free content:

1. The free Lesson.

2. The free Bluegrass College Fakebook, which contains tab for all the bluegrass instruments for many popular session tunes.

3. The Forum.

If you want to download our Lessons, you can do so at any time for the standard price of $9.95. To take advantage of our discounts, you can upgrade your membership again to Pay Monthly or Pay Annually at any time. To find out how to upgrade your membership, click here.

If you need assistance with the College use the there’s an FAQ page and an extensive Help, accessible from the left hand navigator. If this doesn't solve your query, you can contact us using the Feedback form.
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