The Recordings Explained
Recordings Explained
All of our tunes and songs have been recorded at either two or three different tempos, with an Easier and an Advanced break, to make learning and practice interactive and fun. Unlike software which slows recordings down (but usually makes them sound awful), our specially made recordings are of our instructors actually playing at each tempo to capture their energy and excitement even at our slowest tempo. You can play along with the best in the business at a speed to suit you.

The Learning Tempo is the slowest version of the tune and it's really slow. You'll be able to learn every note and nuance at this speed. The Slow Jam Tempo is faster than the Learning Tempo, but slower than the Performance Tempo, which is the tempo that we all aspire to play; these mixes are just like playing with the real band.

There are two or three mixes of each tune with and without your instrument at each Tempo. For more information on the different mixes click here.

For free samples of the audio mixes for Will You Be Lonesome Too, as well as free samples of the video and tab/notation, please click on an instrument below.

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