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If you were previously a member of the subscription version of the Bluegrass College, you still have access to all your content that you downloaded. In addition, the rest of the lessons are still available via the links on the main home page. there is now no need to log on to the site in order to access the content.

If you were paying a regular subscription, this has now been cancelled and no more money will be taken from your account.

Our PayPal account has been closed to ensure that no more payments can accidentially be taken.

We would like to thank you for your support of the college over the last few years, and hope that you will continue to use and enjoy our material.

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Welcome to Bluegrass
We offer online lessons
from the masters of
bluegrass for banjo,
bass, dobro, fiddle,
guitar and mandolin.
Each lesson bundles
high quality videos,
mp3s and tab written
and recorded
exclusively for BGC by
our instructors to teach
you easier and
advanced solos, and
(What's in a Lesson).
Brian Wicklund's FiddlePal