Welcome to the Bluegrass College
Unfortunately on going Server Problems mean we have to take the site off line for a couple of weeks, while we work to move to a new server, and at the same time make some site changes.

We hope to be back on line in early February when you will be able to access all the lessons again.

** Update - Wednesday January 28th **

We are going to host our music files on Soundcloud, and are currently migrating them to this new service, which will take a few days. When we have finished we will set up the lesson links again - in the meantime you can see what we have published so far by clicking here.

You do not need to be a college member, or to be logged on to Bluegrass College, to see and use these files.
Welcome to Bluegrass
We offer online lessons
from the masters of
bluegrass for banjo,
bass, dobro, fiddle,
guitar and mandolin:
Each lesson bundles
high quality videos,
mp3s and tab written
and recorded
exclusively for BGC by
our instructors to teach
you easier and
advanced solos, and
(What's in a Lesson).
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